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National Accounts

Mult-Site Support

We hold inventory for large, multi-site customers like retailers and facility management groups who maintain thousands of locations nationwide.

Purchase & Exchange

Sustainable Inventory

Minimize down-time by purchasing extra units to keep ready-on-shelf. These units can then be used to exchange with faulty units that fail in the field.


Save Old Controls

We recover and recondition old controllers. Give us a call to see if we'd be interested in taking a few off your hands.

How It Works

Revolving Inventory Program

1. Build Surplus

Send or Purchase Units

Send or purchase spare units and ship directly to our repair center in Louisville, KY.

Inventory Available!

We refurbish your units and store them on-shelf, ready-to-ship.

2. Exchange

Pull From Inventory

When a field controller fails, we pull a good unit from your inventory and ship directly to you.

Replace Defective Controller

Swap the defective controller with the good one. We'll include a UPS Return Shipping Label to ship the defective unit back to us.

3. Restock

Send Back For Repair

We receive the defective unit at our repair center in Louisville, KY and refurbish it.

Re-stock Inventory

The refurbished unit is then stored on-shelf, ready-to-ship for your next order!