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School Facilities

Solutions For Legacy BAS Controls
Probably saved thousands by repairing vs. replacing. Would recommend.

~Neshaminy School District

Very effective savings over new. Near 100% savings over JCI reconditioning cost.

~Marquette University

Tremendous amounts saved. Would most likely recommend.

~Williamson County Schools

Controls Repair & Inventory

Keep Your Systems, Save Money

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Control Module Repair
Surplus Inventory
Sensors / Transducers
Sell/Donate Controls

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Why Repairs?

We understand school facility operations run on a fixed budget and must make the most out of every dollar allocated for the fiscal year. Mandatory upgrades and emergency replacements for a facility's HVAC control system can lead to unnecessary down-time and over-budget spending. By repairing system components instead of replacing, Asset Technologies saves facilities tens of thousands of dollars from having to upgrade, protecting your building automation assets and giving you peace of mind.

How It Works

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Control Module Repair
  • Complete Testing & Refurbishment
  • 7-10 Day Turn-Around
  • Cost Savings vs. Upgrading
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Revolving Inventory
  • Spare Controllers Surplus
  • Exclusive Warehousing Options
  • Purchase & Exchange Options
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Replacement Sensors
  • Temperature, Pressure, Refrigeration
  • Compatible With Legacy Equipment
  • Direct Drop Shipping
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Added Life-Cycle
  • Zero Upgrade Spending
  • Eliminate System Obsolescence
  • +5-10 Years Systems Lifespan

Supported Systems

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