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ASSET Technologies offers continued repair, warranty, and inventory support for Johnson Controls DX-9100. If you still use Johnson Controls building automation systems and need parts & repair support for Johnson Controls DX-9100, please contact us directly. (Note: ASSET Technologies is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Johnson Controls.)

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Johnson Controls DX-9100 Controller

Johnson Controls DX-9100 Extended Digital Controller (PDF Version)

The Johnson Controls DX-9100 is an Extended Digital Controller from the Johnson Controls N2 building automation system, and has been installed in countless facilities worldwide, ranging from school systems to large military bases.

The DX-9100 was originally promoted for its adaptability as either a fully integrated network device or standalone controller, and could be configured to meet a variety of HVAC, chiller, and/or boiler plant control applications, air handling units, or distributed lighting controls. It's qualities like accurate real time clock, graphical programming with PLC ladder logic, in addition to being a functionally stable controller made the DX a popular device among contractors and end-users, with existing installations as far back as 1990, and new installs as recent as 2011.

Johnson Controls DX-9100
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ASSET Technologies provides board repair for Johnson Controls N2 devices & parts. Send in faulty control modules for repair. We rebuild and restore each module back to full functionality. After a controller is rebuilt, it can either be returned back to you or reserved in an exclusive Revolving Inventory for your operation.

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