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Asset Technologies, LLC

Continued Support for Legacy Controls

We develop unique solutions to support legacy controls from aging building automation systems. This includes control module repair, inventory support, and replacement sensors. Our solution has been adopted by over 20,000 facilities nationwide and beyond.

Solutions Development

Do you have an aging building system that you need to continue supporting? Let us develop a repair solution to support your controls. Our R&D department develops solutions to support legacy controls products.

Sensor Replacements

You can order sensors directly from us! We sell brand new replacement sensors for temperature, pressure, lighting and more. These sensors are directly compatible with your existing building automation system, regardless of brand.

Repairing Controls

Full Year Warranty

Reducing Budget Costs

Less Than New Parts

Protecting Building Assets

Years Added Lifecycle
  • Fully Tested
  • 10-15 Day Turn-Around
  • Reman & Exchange Options
  • Zero Upgrade Spending
  • National Account Programs
  • Set Pricing Per Module
  • Revolving Inventory Options
  • System Obsolescence Prevention
  • Replacement Sensors

Your System. Supported.

Solutions for Legacy Controls
Johnson Controls
Barber Colman

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