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Return Defective Cores!

You get a service call. You drive to the site. You identify a bad control board. You call the manufacturer. Aaaannnd...

Surprise! The manufacturer doesn’t support that controller anymore because it's outdated. They tell you to either buy a new upgrade replacement or kindly buzz off. Ah, such wonderful customer service these days.

Thankfully, you know a company called Asset Technologies that DOES support this older controller (yes, you know us because you’re reading our blog). And because we love you and care about your operation, we even keep a special stash of these particular control boards RESERVED EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU FOR THIS EXACT SITUATION (it's called our revolving inventory exchange program, check it out).

So, you call us to order the board. Aaaannnd....

An empty warehouse shelf.

...we don’t have it.

Nope. Turns out, your other field technicians (aka your fellow comrades that share your inventory pool) placed exchange orders for those same boards last month. However, they never actually returned the defective cores back. In other words, they didn't complete the exchange to restock your precious stash of old-style controllers. So now your inventory’s depleted. And you’re screwed. Sorry about your luck, bro.

Yes, we know it hurts. The pain is real. Not having a replacement part while your site's BAS system is down is a major pain in the back door.

An empty warehouse shelf.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this:


Yes. It’s that simple. Heck, we'll even put a return shipping label inside the box to make it easier for you. All you have to do is put the bad part in the box, slap that return label on the outside of the package and "Voilà" it’s done! I mean, how hard is that?

Applying an Asset Technologies, LLC shipping label onto a box.

What’s that, you say? It’s a hassle to make an extra trip to a drop-off location?

Well, yes, you do have to make a quick stop to a FedEx or UPS store. But come on dude- this is precisely why the wonderful logistical planners at UPS and FedEx dropped these shops every 5 square miles like ruthless Monopoly tycoons, so as to color our sprawling commercial landscape with unending shades of yellow, brown, orange and purple. And to make shipping stuff for people like us easy-peasy.

So, it all boils down to: 5 minutes of your time now VS. 3 weeks of your time in the future. Which will you choose? (hint: please choose the first option.)

To summarize, returning faulty cores is CRUCIAL for the health of your exchange program. It increases parts availability and the overall sustainability of your revolving inventory. Because that’s what it is: A revolving inventory. Something that REVOLVES. Just like those revolving doors in the movie 'Elf', you have to push to keep them in motion (laughing maniacally while doing so is optional). We don’t make the rules- it's just physics. So, think of a revolving inventory program along these lines: It only works when everything moves together.

Meme with The Incredibles character Gilbert Huph: 'You know what grinds my gears, Bob? When you don't return controllers back to your inventory.

Like clockwork. Remember that scene from 'The Incredibles'? (of course you do, because your son forced you to watch it over and over until you involuntarily memorized every line. And because we’re all old school Pixar fans at heart) The one where Mr. Incredible's excruciatingly aggravating insurance boss began to rhetorically monologue "You know, Bob... a like an enormous clock. It only works if all the little cogs mesh together. A clock must be clean, well lubricated, and wound tight." And then Bob (aka Mr. Incredible) punched him through multiple panes of drywall.

Yeah, his boss was deplorable. But he did have a point. And similarly, for your revolving inventory to work, you need to keep it moving like clockwork.

Meme with The Incredibles character Gilbert Huph: 'You know what grinds my gears, Bob? When you don't return controllers back to your inventory.


So, the next time you replace a part and feel that pang of indolence when faced with whether or not to return the old unit or chuck it, just remember: You’re cutting off your own foot by not returning it. And your fellow technicians' feet as well. The moral of this story: Don’t be a foot lopper. When you receive an exchange order, return the defective core back.

Now go ahead and drop that bad boy off. Yes, that one all boxed-up sitting in your truck, eagerly waiting to be returned, safe and sound to our warehouse. And don’t worry: We’ll rehabilitate him and have him ready to rejoin your operation as a productive member of BAS society. Just don't forget to return his defective doppleganger back when we send him out as an exchange in the future.

BAS control board on warehouse shelf.

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