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We keep our core values at the fore-front of our business: Respect, honesty, and helping others succeed. We uphold these values each day with our employees, as well as every partnership and business venture that we embark on.

We strive not only to provide effective solutions for the building automation industry, but also to act as a service based on our core values, which we apply to our business relationships. And this is something that we never lose sight of.

Our Team

Clayton Sorenson

Sales & Marketing Manager
502.425.8702 x 19

Paul Denney

Biz Dev / Quality Manager
502.425.8702 x 11

Amy Rappa

General Manager
502.425.8702 x 16

Drew Heil

Logistics & Purchasing
502.425.8702 x 17

Jessica Ash

Office Administrator
502.425.8702 x 29

Jordan Baisas

Sales & Marketing Associate
502.425.8702 x 10

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